Cape Studies Intern, Nick Quellhorst, Shares the Experience of His First Weeks at Work

Over the years we have had some incredible teachers, students and experiences.

Cape Studies Intern, Nick Quellhorst, Shares the Experience of His First Weeks at Work

Sometimes you walk into a room and you feel an atmosphere like home, as if you walk into your own living room. That was the feeling I had when I walked into the house of Cape Studies. Everyone was very personal and interested in what I was doing here in Cape town.

This hasn’t changed during the last 3 weeks, in fact, the feeling has become stronger and stronger.

As an intern it is always hard to find the right spot for you inside the company. Everyone already has their spot and suddenly here I am as a new intern, shaking things up. I did internships before and most of the time it was hard for the employees to get used to a new face and most of all a new voice inside the company, who was only an “intern”.


From the beginning, I have never felt like this at Cape Studies. Everyone was pleased that I was here to help them and they even asked to come up with new ideas for the company. Everyone was willing to help where needed.
The first week was mostly seeing how everything goes at Cape Studies and get to know all the people. And I must say you will get to know a lot of people in a very short period of time. All the students are interested in what this new guy is doing here and want to know your story. Altogether, I am very pleased to do my internship at Cape Studies. It is a relative small company, but very personal. There is enough space to come up with new ideas and new strategies. It really feels like a big family and because of this, everyone is open for new suggestions and new ideas about the company.


I am looking forward to my next couple of months here and hopefully there will be even more to learn and experience for me.