Cape Studies Language School in Cape Town Welcomes International Photographer and Filmmaker Rodrigo Pysi

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Cape Studies Language School in Cape Town Welcomes International Photographer and Filmmaker Rodrigo Pysi

Cape Studies Language School is delighted to host The Same Sky, photographic exhibit by international photographer and filmmaker, Rodrigo Pysi. Mia Anzola interviewed Rodrigo for our blog and one of the highlights was what can guests expect. “You can expect a lot of feeling, truth and love. I am not going to show only beautiful photos, I am going to share a little bit of my personality through each image. I want people to see a photograph of the ocean and listen to the waves, feel the fresh air” said Rodrigo Pysi.

The Same Sky

Cape Studies Language School

21st of July, 2017 at 5:3o pm.

What does Fashion Photography mean to you? For me, Fashion Photography is a way to express my photography skills and develop concepts outside of pre-set standards. I can create and tailor the sets, I can take a designer’s idea and turn it into a film and tell a story without the need of featuring a product.

What first drew you to photography and video making? My father was in love with this field and since a very early age, I saw him showing films in the neighborhood where I lived and grew up.  Later, he made movies with limited equipment.  As time passed, I had more contact with cameras …. I remember I used five different rented cameras for my first video. That fist job allowed me to invest on my very own camera. Since then, there hasn’t been a day when I have not worked. Among the things which make me so proud is the work I do with my friend Victor De Prá. We own a Fashion Film and Photography school in Vitória ES, Brazil.

What do you think makes a photograph a memorable piece? I believe it is the reaction and feeling one can get. Everything that the image produces in addition to its visual effect.

What difficulties did you encounter at the beginning of your career? The cost and ownership of the equipment. Much of the equipment we use is very expensive. The lack of initiatives from the Brazilian Government and the limited number of free exhibit locations make it a hard field. Nowadays Social media is fascinating for artists because we can share and showcase our work but in the past, there were no such tools.

Cape Studies: What is one of your most memorable campaigns?  I have worked for more than fifty different brands in twenty two countries. One of the latest jobs which gave me so much freedom to create and develop the concept was the work done for Chaos. We broke the rules, left behind all sorts of patterns commonly used in Brazil. The result was an outstanding advertising piece, crazy and fascinating!  LINK to MAKING OF: #LIVEINCHAOS #LIVEPARTYING

What motivated you to choose Cape Studies above other language schools in Cape Town? I am a fan of extreme sports and I am a skydiver. I knew I would find opportunities for diverse activities in in Cape Town because it is a city with so much to offer. When looking for an English language school in I went for the one with better ratings and reviews and one which would offer a family atmosphere. I found everything I was looking for at Cape Studies English language school in Cape Town!


Follow Rodrigo on Social Media:

Instagram and Facebook: @rodrigopysi

Photography and Film producing company Crepax Fasion Film:Follow on Instagram @crepaxfilm and find on Facebook @crepaxfashionfilm.

You can also find his Studio on Facebook and Instagram: @studiobase40