Daniel Stemmet, Co-Founder and Co-Director of Cape Studies Language School in Cape Town is a true Ambassador of South Africa

Daniel Stemmet, Co-Founder and Co-Director of Cape Studies Language School in Cape Town is a true Ambassador of South Africa

In addition to being Co-Founder and Co-Director of Cape Studies, Daniel Stemmet is in charge of marketing. He often travels to different countries to maintain and solidify good relationships with our current and new partners.

Learn from Daniel what makes Cape Studies Language School stand out from its English language schools competitors in Cape Town.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?
Promoting my country, South Africa, as a language travel destination to learners from all over the world.  Very often, potential students and new agents are skeptic when I speak about Cape Town, South Africa. I first have to convince them of the beauty of the land, reassure them that safety is not an issue, inform them about the reasonable living costs, our great weather and that Cape Town is in fact a top tourist destination!

Once the students are here, they don’t want to go back. They smile from ear to ear,  tell their friends and family about the biggest surprise of their lives and share their life-changing experiences.  

What sets Cape Studies apart from all other English language schools in Cape Town?
Cape Studies has been operating for almost 22 years and with this much experience we have become wiser. Cape Studies’ motto is “Home away from home,” so when our students arrive at the school they find themselves amongst a family. Our staff are there from beginning to end, ensuring that our students learn effectively and have an unforgettable experience in Cape Town. Our students are our priority therefore we want to see them succeed. Here they are encouraged to use the English language to communicate because of the diversity among our students. Our students are not numbers, they are part of our family and we keep in touch with them. Consequently, they return to the school time and time again.

We have created a teaching program that does not overwhelm the students but ensures that their progress correlates with the European Framework of reference for languages. With only a maximum of 8 students per class, the learners are the main focus of the lessons and each student is considered when planning a lesson. Cape Studies is confident in its courses and teachers and guarantees a pass in all its international examinations.  

Cape Studies is one of very few schools that owns its property and our location is by far the best! We are within walking distance from all accommodation offered to our students and our residence is on the school premises. Cape Studies operates from a beautiful villa in the heart of Green Point with all classrooms opening up onto the courtyard, with a swimming pool and a large terrace. In summer, our students can opt to have their classes in the garden. Green Point is a safe and trendy residential area with bars, restaurants, supermarkets, laundry facilities, the V & A Waterfront, beaches, a park, stadium, gyms and the city centre all accessible on foot. 

What factors have allowed you to keep Cape Studies in business for so many years?
We have created a relaxed environment for both our staff and students to excel in. There is a sense of camaraderie between the staff and our clients, which has resulted in a high rate of returning students and a very low staff turnover. 

We listen to our clients and staff and have developed a program that works. The school keeps up with the times and adapts to its ever-changing environment. 

We treat our agents with the utmost respect and communicate with them regularly. Our partnership with them is a lot more than just business, it is based on trust and working together to make custom packages for their clients.  We stick to the rules and deliver on our promises. 

Our vision, dedicated staff and business ethic is what makes Cape Studies stand out from the competitors. We don’t cut corners to ensure that our classes are kept full, we don’t compromise on the quality of our lessons and we certainly don’t disregard our students’ best interest. These are the reasons we believe Cape Studies has won 5 nominations as one of the top 5 language schools in the Southern Hemisphere by The Star Awards in the last 7 years.

Interview with Daniel Stemmet – Owner of Cape Studies Language School

Cape Studies video by MDS4S Agency

Cape Studies Language School – The sunny side of learning English Cape Studies

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