Top Things Japanese Students Love about Cape Studies Language School in Cape Town

Over the years we have had some incredible teachers, students and experiences.

Top Things Japanese Students Love about Cape Studies Language School in Cape Town

How would you best describe Japanese people? We came across this lifestyle article shared by Japan Today and could not agree more: The top 10 words to describe Japanese people (according to foreigners).

Every nationality and culture has its characteristics and challenges to succeed learning English and at Cape Studies we strive to guarantee we meet their expectations. Understanding cultures and backgrounds assists the teaching process and makes learning more effective.

Mika Gorton, staff member at Cape Studies Japan Liaison Office assists us making sure Cape Studies is a welcoming and pleasant place for Japanese students. Regardless their age, accommodation preference or programme of interest we are delighted to share the fact that we succeed in making Cape Studies the best English language school option in Cape Town for them.

What makes Cape Town an attractive destination for Japanese students interested in studying English abroad?
Getting around the city, especially the walking distance from accommodation to school, eating out options and shopping centres. 

Which would you say are the top three factors that influence a Japanese student’s decision of which English language school to attend?
– The school must have a good reputation.
– The total cost of study programme should include airfare and living expenses.
– Number of Japanese students attending the institution, the fewer the better.

For how long have you worked in this field and what do you consider has been the biggest challenge? 
About 10 years.
To be a mediator of particular Japanese and South African. e.g. The student wants to know everything about host family before the arrival. 

What do Japanese miss the most – besides their loved ones – when being abroad?
Food, home heating system in winter and long hot baths.

What do you enjoy the most about working at Cape Studies?
To chat with school staff and students.

What is the most popular English course at Cape Studies among Japanese students?
I guess it would be the Standard Course.