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Most popular: our Standard and our Intensive Course

Standard Course

This course is designed to enable you to communicate effectively in everyday situations. The focus of the General English course is on the grammar and vocabulary, speaking and pronunciation, reading, writing and listening comprehension skills of English as a foreign language. The groups are small, which allows for individual attention and students are able to participate actively in class.


Monday to Friday, 09h00 – 12h50 

max 8 students per class

Intensive Course

In addition to our Standard Course you would have lessons in the afternoon. You can choose between General and Business English (this however depends on your level of English which should be at least a good Intermediate)

Monday to Friday, 09h00 – 15h20

max 8 students per class

Business and Exams Courses

With many courses to choose from, you will be sure to find the right course for your current level

Additional Courses

Private lessons – please keep in mind that private lessons are very intensive. Internships are only possible for registered students.