English + Surfing Programme in Cape Town

Over the years we have had some incredible teachers, students and experiences.

English + Surfing Programme in Cape Town

Surfing is an integral part of South African culture. From the colder Cape waters to the tropical warmth of the Indian Ocean, young and old mingle at popular surf spots from early morning until sundown with a single goal – to pick the best wave of the day and ride it all the way to the beach.” Visit South Africa

Cape Studies is pleased to announce a new English Plus Programme. A course designed for students who wish to combine English language classes with recreational and professional surfing lessons. The programme is the result of the collaboration between Cape Studies and Surf Life SA. Our specialties have come together and we have designed a one of a kind English + Surfing Programme.

The passion and dedication of Cornel Viljoen and Surfing Team of Surf Life South Africa are already well known. We have had excellent feedback from Cape Studies’ students who have joined Surf Life SA for extracurricular lessons, as part of our extracurricular activity programme” says Jens von Wichtingen, Director of Cape Studies.

Our English + Surfing Programme offers a selection of language and the water sport combinations, as varied as the diversity of surfing spots in South Africa. The five packages we have created were throughout for all language and surfing levels, time availability and budgets. So, even if you are a beginner, you will be enjoying from lesson one!

Muizenberg, Scarborough Beach, Long Beach, Big Bay and Llandudno are just few of the surfing locations students can expect to visit. One of the most fascinating aspects about surfing in Cape Town is the richness of surf spots and the possibility to enjoy the waves all year round.

Please contact Learn@CapeStudies.com for fees, schedules and bookings.