Students’ Comments

English study is not only to speak a language is to relate to a new culture. Thought in many places to do this, after these three months I’m sure I made the best choice, take it back to Brazil a little piece of every friend I made here … (Japan, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Italy,etc.) not only come back with my English in luggage back with a heart the size of this continent, full of adventure, colours, mountains and my unforgettable school: Cape Studies Family
Carlos Richard (Brazil/Pre-Intermediate Student)
Richard Cruvinel
Hello Cape Town, Hello Cape Studies!

I’m Hamza and I’m from Madagacar. Everytime that I present myself, people directly think about ” I like to move it, move it ” because South African people are very funny. If I chose Cape Town, it’s because it’s an amazing city, cosmopolitan and there a SO many things to do. People are open minded and extremely nice.
I’m studying at Cape Studies, one of the best English school of Cape Town, where teachers are amazing, you can meet people from all over the world and of course, have fun everyday with all the other students.
If you come to Cape Town to learn English, you have 2 options: or Cape Studies, or anything!
My name is Ilona and I’m 35 years old. I’m in Cape Town for 6 weeks and study at Cape Studies.for 5 weeks to improve my English. This decision was the best ever. Cape Studies is one of the best school and like a big family. My English is improving everyday and in my free time I do lots of great activities like a 3 day’s Garden Route Tour.
Ilona Geiss (Germany, Intermediate Student)
English in Cape Town
New I’m at school since January this was my 7 week. I enjoyed every week at school and in Cape Town. I learned a lot and my English is much better than before. I did some organised trips and I like to be together with other students. I’m one oft the oldest students but it doesn’t matter. I feel accepted and I’m spending now the  best  time in my live. Martina
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