The Intensive Course

Expand on the Standard Course by extending your hours.

Spend time in the afternoon

Expand your language proficiency beyond the Standard Course by opting for afternoon lessons tailored to suit your individual needs. These supplementary sessions offer a valuable opportunity to delve deeper into the nuances of English language learning. Whether you aspire to refine your general communication skills or specialize in the language of business, our flexible curriculum accommodates diverse learning goals.

Real-World Application

By extending your learning into the afternoon, you’re not only investing in your language proficiency but also seizing the opportunity to broaden your horizons and enhance your future prospects. Whether you’re aiming to navigate global business environments with confidence or simply seeking to articulate your thoughts more effectively in everyday interactions, our afternoon lessons provide the platform for you to achieve your language goals with proficiency and finesse.

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Core Features

Cape Studies guarantees some excellent features and strengths, here are some of the highlights. 

Maximum 8 students per class
One lesson equals 50 minutes
Our standard course is 20 lessons/week
Our Intensive course is 30 lessons/week
Weekly evaluation and course certificate included
Free welcome transfer if accommodation is booked with us
No hidden fees – all inclusive
Never any high season supplements
We are in the best area of Cape Town
Double room or single room accommodation
Close to local shops
Constant support from our fellow students