Standard Course Plus

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    Small classes in Cape Town

    This course is designed to enable you to communicate effectively in everyday situations.The focus of the General English course is on the grammar and vocabulary, speaking and pronunciation, reading, writing and listening comprehension skills of English as a foreign language. The groups are small, which allows for individual attention and students are able to participate actively in class.

    General Course Plus

    This course consists of the General course and 5 one-on-one (private) lessons per week. The private lessons allows the teacher to focus specifically on the student’s particular needs. In addition to benefiting from the small group session in the General English course, students who feel they have specific needs are able to concentrate on these during the private lessons. Learn English fast and make visible progress with this course.


    08h00 – 12h50


    Beginner to Advanced

    Class size

    1 student in private lessons

    Lessons every week

    25 lessons per week

    Weekly rates

    Classes are broken up into as many weeks as you prefer. Pick as you choose

    Standard Course Plus


    1-3 weeks
    Standard Course Plus


    4-7 weeks
    Standard Course Plus


    8-11 weeks
    Standard Course Plus


    12-16 weeks
    Standard Course Plus


    17-23 weeks
    Standard Course Plus


    24+ weeks