Terms & Conditions - Euros

  1. Booking: Registration for a course(s) occurs when a client has received written confirmation from Cape Studies.
  2. Alteration and cancellation: Please note that Cape Studies does not have a cancellation fee. This should enable you to book well in advance so that we can assist you with your accommodation requirements. Once the course has started, there will be no refund for courses or accommodation under any circumstances, whatsoever.
  3. Alterations of courses after the commencement: Your first course will be charged at € 50.
  4. Should a visa application be rejected, or Cape Studies not be able to run certain course(s), or find suitable alternatives: Tuition fees for said course(s) shall be refunded in full.
  5. Withdrawal: Once courses have commenced, no refund will be considered should a student cancel or fail to attend lessons. Nor will a refund be considered should a student be asked to withdraw from said course(s) due to poor attendance or unsatisfactory performance and / or unbecoming behaviour.
  6. Course amendments: Should only one student apply to study a particular course, that student will receive, in the afternoons, 10 one-to-one lessons instead of the usual 20 lessons allotted to a group of students, and 5 one-to-one lessons instead of the usual 10 lessons allotted to a group of students. Duration per lesson is 50 minutes.
  7. Insurance: Cape Studies does not insure students against illness, accident, theft, or against the loss of personal effects or whatsoever at any time. Neither Cape Studies nor its representatives will accept responsibility for any accident that may occur to any student for the duration of a course, either during excursions or any other activities, whether on or off the premises of the institution. Cape Studies, therefore, recommends that students take out full personal insurance cover, including medical and any other foreseeable expenses. This insurance should include loss of fees paid in advance, in total or in part, for a course or for any activity that cannot be attended.
  8. Public holidays during the student year: One-to-one lessons that have been missed due to public holidays will be made up to a student at a date that is convenient to both lecturer and student. There are no afternoon classes on public holidays.
  9. Place of jurisdiction: The courts of Cape Town will settle disputes between Cape Studies and registered students.
  10. Validity of booking: All prices are only valid when the booking is made directly via Internet or Fax and need to be re-confirmed by Cape Studies.
  11. Material: Teaching material needs to be purchased on arrival @ € 50


  1. I declare that to the best of my knowledge the above information I have given is true and correct.
  2. I understand the binding nature of the general conditions as stated herein and agree to abide by them. I agree to abide by the timetable of payments, and have read and understood the conditions regarding refunds of fees.