#study #english #teacher #languageschool #capetown #southafrica
#study #english #teacher #languageschool #capetown #southafrica

Most schools pride themselves on being ‘the best’ or ‘the largest’. But who actually makes a lesson successful, which subsequently leads to the achievement of the language school? We believe it is the teachers.

Teachers are the most important people at any school. A good teacher is essential for a language course to be a success. An interesting and fine teacher will make sure the course is not just good but excellent. We are proud to work with many such teachers and we would like to introduce one of them today.

George has been with Cape Studies since 2001, making him one of our most loyal staff members. He was educated in a state school and later on pursued his studies at the University of Cape Town and Port- Elizabeth. He specialised in Social Anthropology, African Studies and English.

Prior to teaching at our school, George was doing development work in the poor areas in South Africa during the Apartheid era. This later lead to adult education life skills in the New South Africa, which sparked his interest in education and teaching at Cape Studies.

His hobbies are reading, movies and English literature. He is a proud Capetonian and takes special enjoyment when students have a good time exploring his hometown. He loves teaching and always has a story to share. He teaches all levels and specialises in pronunciation, Cambridge exams preparation and Business English. His classes are always well-prepared and fun. George always appreciates a challenge and students with an inquisitive mind. His favourite class to teach is grammar at a higher level and the CAE course.

George says “I love teaching because every student brings a different element to the table, which makes it altogether a very interesting and rewarding career.”

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