Happy New Year!

Over the years we have had some incredible teachers, students and experiences.

Happy New Year!

Wishing you a happy new year from Cape Studies language school, the best ESL school in Cape Town. At Cape Studies, we pride ourselves on the betterment of our students and strive to give all of them a unique personal experience which they will remember for a lifetime.  We have had an amazing and interesting intake of students thus far and hope to welcome more as the year goes. Below is a message from one of our teachers, Adolf Tinashe Mutandwa.

“Hello! I am an English teacher with more than three years of English teaching experience both in Africa and Asia. I joined Cape Studies in July 2022 to share my knowledge, skills and grow in my career as an English teacher.

Cape Studies is an English (ESL) school in Cape Town, South Africa which has vibrant, energetic and well-focused staff and teachers. The school has a great learning environment for everyone who is eager to learn English language.

The school offers and supports teachers with creative ideas and engaging resources that make teaching and learning fun! During my time at Cape Studies so far, l have learned how to teach in the best and most entertaining way which makes people who come to learn English at Cape Studies have the best learning experience ever. This is a very important part of ESL teaching as well as learning. The teaching methods at Cape Studies are modern and interesting to make students enjoy learning as well as practice and improve their English skills effectively.

If you want to have the most fascinating learning experience of your lifetime, learn about other cultures and meet new friends from around the world, Cape Studies and its brilliant staff welcomes you to come and learn and explore the beautiful city of Cape Town and have the best moment ever.”