The two women behind the man

Renate was born in Durban, which is on the East Coast of South Africa. She grew up in Gauteng but moved to Cape Town when she was 21. After 15 years in the arts, she felt she needed a shift in careers and armed with her CELTA, she entered the world of ESL teaching. Not surprising though with a mother who was a teacher for 40 years.

Her passion for travelling has sent her globetrotting to 145 cities worldwide and has lived in Italy, Vietnam, The UK and Israel but her love for this beautiful, laid-back, cosmopolitan city brought her back to her roots and to the doorstep of Cape Studies!

Renate has been working for Cape Studies since 2019. She was initially employed as an English teacher and was promoted to Head teacher at the beginning of 2020 and Head of School in January 2021. Even though, she doesn’t find herself teaching in a classroom regularly, she is actively involved in every step that makes learning at Cape Studies fun and effortless.

She plays an integral role in the administration of courses, exams, and students. She prides herself on her high-quality work, efficiency, and reliability. She believes that teaching is all about dedication and passion and this should be felt when sitting in a class. She works closely with her team of teachers in a relaxed and fun environment where trust and communication are key factors.

What she likes most about Cape Studies is its stress-free atmosphere and their one big family policy.

Phaphama was born in East London and moved to Cape Town to pursue her studies in Law, at the University of the Western Cape. She has a passion for justice, teaching, and community upliftment. In secondary school and in university she was a tutor and assisted the disadvantaged children in her community by sharing her knowledge with them. Becoming a teacher was not the plan, until she found her purpose in helping others to help themselves.

Phaphama has been working for Cape Studies since 2020. She was initially a part-time English teacher and was promoted to Head Teacher within a year.  She would describe herself as dedicated, vibrant and has an amazing connection with her students.

What ignites her passion to teach, is seeing the lightbulb moment on her students’ faces and seeing them excel in their respective English levels.

She enjoys doing physical activities such as weightlifting, running, and boxing. These have taught her resilience and discipline which she has in turn, used in other spheres of her life.

What she likes the most about Cape Studies is the amazing woman she has by her side.