There is more to travelling than being a tourist.

Leave the tourism hotspots behind and venture away from the crowds. Immerse yourself in South Africa’s vibrant culture and diversity. Mix with the locals. Live like they do. And lend them a helping hand while you’re at it.

As a volunteer, you’ll get to experience what it means to live, work and play in South Africa. As a volunteer, you’ll get an opportunity to make your contribution to build this beautiful rainbow nation.

There is no better way to put your newly acquired language skills to the test than to leave your comfort zone behind and take the plunge to work and live in close contact amidst native speakers.

Cape Studies, in cooperation with Expelio Voluntary Work, will offer you a chance to extend your stay after your language course to contribute to one of our carefully selected community and conservation projects. With more than ten years of experience as a boutique volunteer agency, Expelio Voluntary Work has a proven track record for outstanding personal service and a relentless attention to detail

What makes your volunteer experience unique?

Although we provide a wide range of carefully selected and sustainable volunteer projects with vastly different packages, all of our programmes include the following:

Personal Service

Individual and personal service before you leave, during your stay and after your safe return

Personal Coordinator

Your personal, dedicated coordinator, available to you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Assisted Travel

Assistance with all of your travel arrangements, visas, flight bookings and transfers


Flexible dates, Arrive and depart any day of the week.

Single or Double Rooms

Accomodation in single or double rooms in secure and fully equipped volunteer residences with stocked fridges, breakfast or full board


Safe daily shuttles between your accommodation and your place of work at no additional costs

Peace of Mind

Peace of mind. Know exactly what to expect and every little detail about your project and accommodation before you depart on your adventure.


Connect with fellow volunteers before your departure A certificate of appreciation


Send us an email to to book now

Wildlife and conservation

As far as wildlife is concerned, South African National Parks and wildlife reserves rate amongst some of the wildest places on earth. With more than 300 indigenous mammal species alone, they offer excellent conditions for rare sightings.

South Africa, however, has become more than a popular safari destination for wildlife enthusiasts. It has also become a stronghold for many threatened species. With some of the most iconic mammals, like Lion, Cheetah, Elephant and Rhino either critically endangered or on the brink of extinction, it is our duty to protect our wildlife and the delicate eco-systems they rely on for generations to come.

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This is your calling to do your part. The time is now.

Big 5 Conservation

Volunteers have the ultimate Big 5 experience in a reserve where the Big 5 roam freely. As an “Assistant Conservation Manager” you will gain practical experience in research, conservation, education & community development.

Animal Rehabilitation

This rehabilitation centre and breeding centre for endangered species could not exist without the help of volunteers. Get up close and personal with birds and wildlife, raise young animals or assist in their recovery process.

Working with Horses

As a horse and nature lover this project, situated in one of the most scenic parts of South Africa, will more than exceed your expectations. Groom horses, ride them along the stunning beaches, swim with them or explore the nearby game reserve on horseback. An experience that will stay with you forever!

Child care, health and education

Nelson Mandela, the father of our nation, once described South Africa as “a rainbow nation at peace with itself and the world” and, to this day, there is no better way to describe the country’s great cultural diversity. South Africa, as it exists today, is a great melting pot for people of various different cultures, backgrounds and belief systems who live together in unity. The tragic effects of South Africa’s turbulent history and the late Apartheid policies, however, are still prevalent today as poverty and unemployment continue to prevail in many parts of the country. At the core of our social volunteer projects are sustainable initiatives to address these issues.
As a volunteer you will get an opportunity to lend a helping and give back to the community and you will be blessed with the gratitude and warmth of our Rainbow nation.

Personal Service

Transfer on arrival and departure

Personal Coordinator

Orientation upon arrival

Amazing Views

Accommodation in our beach front volunteer residence with uninterrupted sea views

Continental Breakfast


Safe daily transfers with your programme coordinator between your accommodation and your place of work

Dedicated 24/7 contact and support

Township Childcare

In this project, you will work with our staff in disadvantaged communities as assistant teacher, primarily, to educate and stimulate children under the age of 6.

Sports Club

Immerse yourself in an after-school programme to keep children occupied and off the streets to build their self confidence and teach them valuable life lessons.

Children’s Village

The Children’s Village consists of a children’s home, a nursery school as well as a primary school. As a volunteer you can assist in various different areas working with disadvantaged children.