Cape Studies Apple Brigade – National Park Day (4)

We treated the kid’s with a special visit to Rhodes Memorial National Park that has black Wildebeest, the Cape Zebras and some deers.  We hiked along a beautiful, scenic trail looking out for these wild animals which we all thoroughly enjoyed.

 rhodesmem-217.jpg You must look very carefully and you will find the Wildebeest.

rhodesmem-196.jpg rhodesmem-198.jpg rhodesmem-194.jpg
rhodesmem-202.jpg rhodesmem-199.jpg rhodesmem-218.jpg
rhodesmem-214.jpg rhodesmem-240.jpg rhodesmem-215.jpg
rhodesmem-206.jpg rhodesmem-246.jpg rhodesmem-252.jpg
      rhodesmem-224.jpg          rhodesmem-191.jpg              rhodesmem-192.jpg

Cape Studies – language school in Cape Town

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