Cape Studies Apple Brigade – Sybille 17.03.2008

Apple Brigade at Kalkfontein

Last Tuesday we visited our Apple Brigade Kids in “their” Township in Kalkfontein.

What’s a Township? During Apartheid the non-white people were sent to townships because it wasn’t allowed to live in town. Today a lot of black and coloured people still live in townships.

The houses in the townships are small and uniformly built. They are not isolated and the walls mostly aren’t wooden or stone.

The areas are outside town in a sandy not really nice area. It’s sandy, dry and dirty and often a family has to share a little house called shacks. The houses are simple but inside its clean and organized (the house, I saw).

I guess every European wouldn’t like to live in a place like this but I wouldn’t say that a life in the townships is bad. The community is still one and the people help each other.

I guess it would be much worse to grow up in a city centre than in a Township. The do have traffic but they also have a lot of space to play and to be just kids. Of course the school education could be better and I guess the most difficult thing is to motivate the children to study hard and to make them believe in a “better” future.

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