Cape Studies Jewish Students are Hosted at Kosher Homes

Over the years we have had some incredible teachers, students and experiences.

Cape Studies Jewish Students are Hosted at Kosher Homes

Moving to a different country can be challenging and particularly difficult from a Jewish perspective. Cape Studies understands the importance of keeping Jewish beliefs and practices and does it very best to facilitate them to students.

Cape Studies is located in Green Point, an area that has fast become one of the trendiest residential areas in Cape Town. An ideal location for the Jewish community and traditionally observant Jews. Our accommodation service ensures Kosher homes and placing students as close as possible to the Synagogue. This brings many benefits, among them, and the opportunity to socialize with Jewish families.

To better assist prospective students from Israel, Cape Studies has appointed Maya Levy as Cape Studies Contact Point Israel. Maya recently returned from to Israel after spending two years in Cape Town. To learn more about our Israel special promotion you can download Cape Studies Course fees 2017 USD Welcome Israel, review recent blog posts and visit our website, available in Hebrew.

For more information and bookings, please email: Learn(at) We welcome collaboration with study abroad agents, educational institutions, companies requiring English language training and travel experts.

Photo Credit: @Urbanlistsyd