Debbie Epstein, English Language Teacher at Cape Studies Shares Reasons Why She Loves Teaching

“So often you find that the students you are trying to inspire are the one’s that inspire you.”

Over the years I have had many laughs with my students when translating words from their language into English. I’d like to share a few.
Toes ….foot fingers
Thumb ….big man finger
Wrist watch …small time on hand

And a genuine question from a student.
“Teacher, if plural of mouse is mice, the plural of house be hice?” ?

Some English puns to share:
A bicycle can’t stand alone. It is two tired.
A boiled egg is too hard to beat.
A dentist and a manicurist married. They fought tooth and nail.
Why do feet smell…and noses run?

These are just some of many reasons why I love teaching.