“Discovering South Africa” Luncheon Event at Pipeline Workspaces Sponsored by Cape Studies

Over the years we have had some incredible teachers, students and experiences.

“Discovering South Africa” Luncheon Event at Pipeline Workspaces Sponsored by Cape Studies

On Tuesday, June 20th Pipeline Coral Gables hosted “Discovering South Africa” Luncheon Event, sponsored by Cape Studies Language School. The event highlighted the spirit, tastes and culture of South Africa at it’s finest.  Delicious local Cape Town delicatessens and South African Wines were provided by Coral Gables caterer Cuisine and Events. Pipeline members were able to learn and taste the cultural experience. Artwork by Coral Gables Gallery Artist Holly A. Jones was featured during the event, representing the similarity of tropical botanical blooms between both South Florida and South Africa.

Special thanks to Iris Marante and Adriana Cruz from Pipeline Workspaces and Holly A. Jones for being part of our event.

Welcome to our “Rainbow Nation”, a diverse melting pot of cultures and colours, where Father Christmas carries a surfboard, snow is almost unheard of and people sing on their way to work. South Africa is a country of contrasts with wide-open landscapes and bustling, cosmopolitan cities. Our dramatic past and hopeful future are not the only reasons why people come here.

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Other accolades include our Cambridge exams, IELTS and TOEFL success rates. Of these achievements we are proud and motivated to keep up the excellence.

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