Social Responsibility

Cape Studies and its Corporate Social Responsibility

Cape Studies is not a regular language school and what sets it apart from the rest is its commitment and involvement in the community. South Africa is a cultural melting pot and based on its history has a lot of disadvantaged communities. This said we are aiding the country to move forward by simply lending a hand and getting involved in social projects, we call, Helping Hands.

We work with two safe houses: one in Gansbaai, a small town about two hours from Cape Town and the other in Fisantekraal about 40 minutes from the city centre. We also help the soup kitchen which is within walking distance from our school and the local children’s hospital in the vicinity.

Helping Hands relies solely on its volunteers, which consists of staff members and students working enthusiastically together. These activities take place on a regular basis and the aim is to bridge the gap between underprivileged children, homeless people and our foreign students and staff, while embracing diversity.

Cape Studies strongly believe in their commitment to those in need. We have officially been involved in social projects since 2008 and we have come to the conclusion that both students and underprivileged children gain extreme pleasure and satisfaction from their interaction.

It is a big dream, but all dreams start small and the more awareness and exposure people get the more difference it makes in all of our lives. So, yes we do hope that it will become part of the international education industry. As our late beloved President said, ‘It is in your hands to make of our world a better one for all’ – Nelson Mandela

We promote it to our students and agents. In fact, part of the course fee students pay goes towards the community.

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