Writing Challenge Competition

Here are the winners (August 2014)

Level Intermediate

Student Name: Nadine Kenne

Essay: A strange dream

A wise man said that our dreams are the reflection of our conscience and our expectations. In such a way that, when we really need or long for something, or when we are afraid of something, our subconscious can fulfil it when we are sleeping.

In this case our dreams don’t have any other explanation than the problem that we are facing. But there are also strange dreams that do not respect this explanation, and mark our mind either for the good or for the bad when it is a nightmare. I had this marvellous experience once and in the following lines, I’m going to share and explain what happened and the understanding that I got from that.

It was last February, and my sister and I went to visit our grandmother in a town named Dschamj. After having a delicious dinner around a fire with my grandmother and our cousins living in the same compound, and after having shared the last news of the city, we went to bed. Since then this strange dream started:

I was at the point of leaving, my grandmother and all her daughters in law came to say goodbye. As it is usual in our community, they were suppose to give us presents in the form of food, vegetables, bananas, potatoes, plantains… so, each of them were carrying baskets full of presents for me. But when I opened them one after another, it was not what I expected to see; all the baskets were not full of food, but contained scriptures or writings. I tried to see what they were about and I discovered that they were verses from the Bible. Each basket was bearing its own verse and suddenly there were so many baskets around me. When I was wondering about this, I heard the voice of one the women saying “if we give you food, it will surely end or finish and you will be always hungry and seek another, but what we give to you now will never end, moreover, it will provide food at a time when needed and you will never lack anything”. Just after this, I woke up suddenly.

According to me this dream was a message to me, because I was passing through financial problems at that moment. I also understood that I needed first to seek wisdom rather than money.

At the end, I think that our dreams are very important and we need to find out their meaning, Surely, all of them don’t have a meaning but some bring good messages like directions to make a good choice, warnings or encouragements. The Bible says that God speaks to us also through our dreams. But the question is, how do we know which is the one coming from God?


Level Beginner

Student Name: Tânia Borges

Dream Holiday

The destination of my dream holiday is Brazil in Rio de Janeiro. I’m flying from Luanda to Brazil next year. I’m going to stay at a hotel on the beach (Copacabana Hotel). First I’m going to visit all the city by sightseeing bus.

In the morning I’m going to visit the summit of majestic Corcovado, place of the iconic Christ the Redeemer (high statue of Christ with his arms spread out embracing the city, one of the Seven Wonders of the World), I’m going to visit churches, and the famous football stadium known the Maracanã stadium, and Ipanema beaches, also going to visit at Samba school and I’m learning how the school operates and prepare for Carnival week and I’m going to a Samba dance lesson.

In the evening I’m going to eat in a traditional Brazilian barbecue regional meat at a local Churrascaria and going to drink Caipirinha.

At night I’m going to listen to music in a pub, outing to a Carnival extravaganza with live Salsa entertainment and I’m going to visit the Municipal theatre to listen Opera.

Everyday in the morning I’m going to swim and to ride my bicycle along the Copacabana Beach.

The last day in the morning I’m going to visit the shopping in Doce Vita Brazil for souvenirs, and in the overnight I’m going to airport in a car and flying back to Luanda, Angola.


Level Upper-Intermediate

Student Name: Louís Tobela


Filipe S. Magaria Avenue

Maputo, 2014

Hi Wedisson!

How are you doing there? I hope you are having very nice English lesson there in Cape Town. I started a new job 2 weeks ago at Ministry of Mineral Resources, and I met Pedro and Fernando who used to go to the university with us. They still remember the great times we enjoyed together. I’m anxious to know when you come back to Maputo because Pedro and Fernando can’t wait to hear news from you. They are proposing a dinner together. So, if you are interested, drop me a line, and let me know when exactly you are coming back. I’ll do my best to pick you up at the airport and take the opportunity to discuss and finalize with you the arrangements for our dinner, probably at Fiona restaurant.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Your friend and old schoolmate

Louís Tobela

Ps: I heard that Luoisa, Ester and Julia are having lesson with you there. Say hello for all of them. I miss you guys.


Level Pre-Intermediate

Student Name: Ana Maria Zuluaga

I was born in Manizales, the capital of Caldas, which is a department in Colombia’s central zone. This area is part of Colombian coffee growers (in this region are many coffee plantations).

Near to Manizales is located the Volcano “Nevado del Ruiz” one of the higher mountains in Colombia, which is an active volcano, it causes earthquakes and ash eruptions, because of that the snow in the top of the mountain is defrosting.

The city was founded in 1849 in a place with a very difficult topography; the high altitude (2160 meters above sea level) and its tropical location provide perfect weather for growing coffee plants. Around the city, in the mountains are a lot of estates that grow and produce coffee. The collection of the coffee berries is manual, they are peeled and the seeds are washed dried and packed in sacks; they are gather and grains are roasting and grinding. Colombian coffee is famous around the world for its delicate and special flavour.

I love going to Manizales, specially in December holidays to celebrate Christmas and new year with my parents and brothers families in a familiar estate; the days are quiet, the weather is warm and the food is delicious.

We are living in Bogotá for 20 years, this is the biggest city of Colombia, perfect for work and business but I think to live in Manizales is more peaceful, safeier and people are friendlier, maybe after other 20 years we returned to our city.